CHAPTER 2 Device Configuration. Fujitsu MHW2160BH

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CHAPTER 2  Device Configuration. Fujitsu MHW2160BH | Manualzz

CHAPTER 2 Device Configuration

This chapter describes the internal configurations of the hard disk drives and the configuration of the systems in which they operate.

C141-E245 2-1

Device Configuration

2.1 Device Configuration

Figure 2.1 shows the disk drive. The disk drive consists of a disk enclosure (DE), read/write preamplifier, and controller PCA. The disk enclosure contains the disk media, heads, spindle motor, actuator, and a circulating air filter.

Figure 2.1 Disk drive outerview

(1) Disk

The outer diameter of the disk is 65 mm. The inner diameter is 20 mm.

(2) Head

(3) Spindle motor

The disks are rotated by a direct drive Sensor-less DC motor.

(4) Actuator

The heads are of the load/unload (L/UL) type. The head unloads the disk out of while the disk is not rotating and loads on the disk when the disk starts.

The actuator uses a revolving voice coil motor (VCM) structure which consumes low power and generates very little heat. The head assembly at the edge of the actuator arm is controlled and positioned by feedback of the servo information read by the read/write head. If the power is not on or if the spindle motor is stopped, the head assembly stays on the ramp out of the disk and is fixed by a mechanical lock.

(5) Air circulation system

The disk enclosure (DE) is sealed to prevent dust and dirt from entering. The disk enclosure features a closed loop air circulation system that relies on the blower effect of the rotating disk. This system continuously circulates the air through the circulation filter to maintain the cleanliness of the air within the disk enclosure.

2-2 C141-E245

2.2 System Configuration

(6) Read/write circuit

The read/write circuit uses a LSI chip for the read/write preamplifier. It improves data reliability by preventing errors caused by external noise.

(7) Controller circuit

The controller circuit supports Serial-ATA interface, and it realized a high performance by integration into LSI.

2.2 System Configuration

2.2.1 SATA interface

Figure 2.2 shows the SATA interface system configuration. The disk drive complies with ATA/ATAPI-8, Serial ATA Revision 2.5 (Gen1i.)

2.2.2 Drive connection

Operating System

Application 1


Application 2

Application 3




Disk Drive

Disk Drive

Figure 2.2 Drive system configuration

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Key Features

  • 160 GB 2.5" 5400 RPM Serial ATA
  • HDD
  • Storage drive buffer size: 8 MB
  • 101 g

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