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2 Connecting to the Internet

2.1 Activate your Internet service

Visit your ISP’s website and follow the onscreen instructions to activate your Internet service. CM-32 is certified by Charter,

Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable services.




Time Warner Cable






• Your ISP’s contact information may change. Visit your ISP’s website or check your Internet service billing statement for the latest contact information.

• The Downstream and Upstream LED light white when the cable connection succeeded.

• If your CM-32 still does not connect to the Internet, contact your ISP and do the following:

• Provide your CM-32's serial number and MAC address located on the product label, and confirm with your ISP if it is already active.

• If your CM-32 is visible to your cable service but there is still no

Internet connection, reboot your CM-32 and check the online status again.

• Go to or to create the .txt log and .txt files:

• Click Cable > CM Debug info, and click Save to create a .txt log file.

• Click System log > General log, and click Save to create a .txt file.

Send these files to [email protected]. We will reply to you as soon as possible.



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