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• Trigger Port: Specify a trigger port to open the incoming port.

Protocol: Select the protocol, TCP, or UDP.

Incoming Port: Specify an incoming port to receive inbound data from the Internet.

Protocol: Select the protocol, TCP, or UDP.


• When connecting to an IRC server, a client PC makes an outgoing connection using the trigger port range 66660-7000. The IRC server responds by verifying the username and creating a new connection to the client PC using an incoming port.

• If Port Trigger is disabled, the router drops the connection because it is unable to determine which PC is requesting for IRC access. When Port

Trigger is enabled, the router assigns an incoming port to receive the inbound data. This incoming port closes once a specific time period has elapsed because the router is unsure when the application has been terminated.

• Port triggering only allows one client in the network to use a particular service and a specific incoming port at the same time.

• You cannot use the same application to trigger a port in more than one

PC at the same time. The router will only forward the port back to the last computer to send the router a request/trigger.


4.3.3 Virtual Server/Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is a method to direct network traffic from the

Internet to a specific port or a specific range of ports to a device or number of devices on your local network. Setting up Port

Forwarding on your router allows PCs outside the network to access specific services provided by a PC in your network.

NOTE: When port forwarding is enabled, the ASUS router blocks unsolicited inbound traffic from the Internet and only allows replies from outbound requests from the LAN. The network client does not have access to the Internet directly, and vice versa.


To set up Port Forwarding:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > WAN

> Virtual Server / Port Forwarding tab.


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