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4.3.5 DDNS

Setting up DDNS (Dynamic DNS) allows you to access the router from outside your network through the provided ASUS DDNS

Service or another DDNS service.


To set up DDNS:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings > WAN

> DDNS tab.

2. Configure the following settings below. When done, click


Enable the DDNS Client: Enable DDNS to access the ASUS router via the DNS name rather than WAN IP address.

Server and Host Name: Choose ASUS DDNS or other DDNS.

If you want to use ASUS DDNS, fill in the Host Name in the format of (xxx is your host name).

• If you want to use a different DDNS service, click FREE TRIAL and register online first. Fill in the User Name or E-mail

Address and Password or DDNS Key fields.


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