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To set up a Network Service filter:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >

Firewall > Network Service Filter tab.

2. On the Enable Network Services Filter field, select Yes.

3. Select the Filter table type. Black List blocks the specified network services. White List limits access to only the specified network services.

4. Specify the day and time when the filters will be active.

5. To specify a Network Service to filter, enter the Source IP,

Destination IP, Port Range, and Protocol. Click the button.


4.7 Administration

4.7.1 Operation Mode

The Operation Mode page allows you to select the appropriate mode for your network.


To set up the operating mode:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >

Administration > Operation Mode tab.

2. Select any of these operation modes:

Wireless router mode (default): In wireless router mode, the wireless router connects to the Internet and provides

Internet access to available devices on its own local network.

Media Bridge: This setup requires two wireless routers.

The second router serves as a media bridge where multiple devices such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles can be connected via ethernet.

Access Point mode: In this mode, the router creates a new wireless network on an exising network.

NOTE: The router will reboot when you change the modes.


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