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4.7.2 System

The System page allows you to configure your wireless router settings.

To set up the System settings:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >

Administration > System tab.

2. You can configure the following settings:

Change router login password: You can change the password and login name for the wireless router by entering a new name and password.

WPS button behavior: The physical WPS button on the wireless router can be used to activate WPS or switch off wireless networking.

Time Zone: Select the time zone for your network.

NTP Server: The wireless router can access a NTP (Network time Protocol) server in order to synchronize the time.

Enable Telnet: Click Yes to enable Telnet services on the network. Click No to disable Telnet.

Authentication Method: You can select HTTP, HTTPS, or both protocols to secure router access.

Enable Web Access from WAN: Select Yes to allow devices outside the network to access the wireless router GUI settings. Select No to to prevent access.

Only allow specific IP: Click Yes if you want to specify the IP addresses of devices that are allowed access to the wireless router GUI settings from WAN.

Client List: Enter the WAN IP addresses of networking devices allowed to access the wireless router settings. This list will be used if you clicked Yes in the Only allow specific

IP item.



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