Full Forward Tracking Adjustment. Exmark PIONEER PNS20KA443, PIONEER PNS22KA483, PIONEER PNS24KA523, PIONEER S-SERIES Operators

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Full Forward Tracking Adjustment. Exmark PIONEER PNS20KA443, PIONEER PNS22KA483, PIONEER PNS24KA523, PIONEER S-SERIES Operators | Manualzz


Full Forward Tracking


If the machine travels or pulls to one side when the motion control levers are in the full forward position, adjust the cover plates.

1. Loosen the screws on a cover plate (see Figure 31).

2. Slide the cover plate backward or forward to adjust the travel of the lever and tighten the screws.

3. Drive the machine and check the full forward tracking.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until desired tracking

is obtained.


Control arm shaft


Tracking plate screw

Figure 31


Tracking plate

1. Prior to starting the engine, push the deck lift pedal and remove the height of cut pin. Lower deck to the ground.

2. Raise the rear of machine up and support with jack stands (or equivalent support) just high enough to allow drive wheels to turn freely.

3. Remove the electrical connection from the seat safety switch, located under the bottom cushion of the seat. The switch is a part of the seat assembly.

4. Temporarily install a jumper wire across the terminals in the connector of the main wiring harness.

5. Start engine. Brake must be engaged and

motion control levers out to start engine.

Operator does not have to be in the seat. Run engine at full throttle and release brake.

6. Run the unit at least 5 minutes with the drive levers at full forward speed to bring hydraulic oil up to operating temperature.

Note: The motion control lever needs to be in neutral while making any necessary adjustments.

7. Bring the motion control levers into the neutral position. The control plate tabs should touch the return to neutral plates on the hydros. Adjust pump control rod lengths by loosening the nuts and rotating the turnbuckle in the appropriate direction until the wheels slightly creep in reverse

(Figure 32). Move the motion control levers to the

reverse position and while applying slight pressure to the lever allow the reverse indicator springs to bring the levers back to neutral. The wheels must stop turning or slightly creep in reverse.

Motion Control Linkage


Located on either side of the unit, below the seat are the pump control linkages. Rotating the turnbuckle with a 1/2 inch wrench allows fine tuning adjustments so that the machine does not move in neutral. Any adjustments should be made for neutral positioning only.


Engine must be running and drive wheels must be turning so adjustments can be performed.

Contact with moving parts or hot surfaces may cause personal injury.

Keep fingers, hands, and clothing clear of rotating components and hot surfaces.



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