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MHW2080AT, MHW2060AT, MHW2040AT DISK DRIVES | Manualzz


This manual describes MHW2080AT, MHW2060AT, MHW2040AT model of the

MHW Series, 2.5-inch hard disk drives. These drives have a built-in controller that is compatible with the ATA interface.

This manual describes the specifications and functions of the drives and explains in detail how to incorporate the drives into user systems. This manual assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of hard disk drives and their implementations in computer systems.

This manual consists of seven chapters and sections explaining the special terminology and abbreviations used in this manual:

Overview of Manual

CHAPTER 1 Device Overview

This chapter gives an overview of the disk drive and describes their features.

CHAPTER 2 Device Configuration

This chapter describes the internal configurations of the disk drive and the configuration of the systems in which they operate.

CHAPTER 3 Installation Conditions

This chapter describes the external dimensions, installation conditions, and switch settings of the disk drive.

CHAPTER 4 Theory of Device Operation

This chapter describes the operation theory of the disk drive.

CHAPTER 5 Interface

This chapter describes the interface specifications of the disk drive.

CHAPTER 6 Operations

This chapter describes the operations of the disk drive.


The glossary describes the technical terms that need to be understood to read this manual.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

This section gives the meanings of the definitions used in this manual.

C141-E250 i


Conventions for Alert Messages

This manual uses the following conventions to show the alert messages. An alert message consists of an alert signal and alert statements. The alert signal consists of an alert symbol and a signal word or just a signal word.

The following are the alert signals and their meanings:

This indicates a hazardous situation could result in

minor or moderate personal injury if the user does not perform the procedure correctly. This alert signal also indicates that damages to the product or other property may occur if the user does not perform the procedure correctly.

This indicates information that could help the user use the product more efficiently.

In the text, the alert signal is centered, followed below by the indented message.

A wider line space precedes and follows the alert message to show where the alert message begins and ends. The following is an example:


Data corruption: Avoid mounting the disk drive near strong

magnetic sources such as loud speakers. Ensure that the disk drive is not affected by external magnetic fields.

The main alert messages in the text are also listed in the “Important Alert Items.”

Operating Environment

This product is designed to be used in offices or computer rooms.


An MHW series device is sometimes simply referred to as a "hard disk drive,"

"HDD," "drive," or "device" in this document.

Decimal numbers are represented normally.

Hexadecimal numbers are represented as shown in the following examples:

X'17B9', 17B9h, 17B9


, or 17B9H.

Binary numbers are represented as shown in the following examples: 010 or

010b. ii C141-E250



Please forward any comments you may have regarding this manual.

To make this manual easier for users to understand, opinions from readers are needed. Please write your opinions or requests on the Comment at the back of this manual and forward it to the address described in the sheet.

Liability Exception

“Disk drive defects” refers to defects that involve adjustment, repair, or replacement.

Fujitsu is not liable for any other disk drive defects, such as those caused by user misoperation or mishandling, inappropriate operating environments, defects in the power supply or cable, problems of the host system, or other causes outside the disk drive.

C141-E250 iii

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