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MHW2080AT, MHW2060AT, MHW2040AT DISK DRIVES | Manualzz

Important Alert Items

Important Alert Messages

The important alert messages in this manual are as follows:

A hazardous situation could result in minor or moderate personal

injury if the user does not perform the procedure correctly. Also, damage to the product or other property, may occur if the user does not perform the procedure correctly.

Task Alert Page

Normal Operation 3-6

Data corruption: Avoid mounting the disk near strong

magnetic sources such as loud speakers. Ensure that the disk drive is not affected by external magnetic fields.

Damage: Do not press the cover of the disk drive. Pressing

it too hard, the cover and the spindle motor contact, which may cause damage to the disk drive.

Static: When handling the device, disconnect the body

ground (500 k

Ω or greater). Do not touch the printed circuit board, but hold it by the edges.

Damage: Interface cable connection

Take note of the following precaution about plugging an interface cable (socket) into the interface connector of the disk drive and plugging the connector into a host receptacle:

− When plugging together the disk drive interface connector and the host receptacle or interface cable connector (socket), do not apply more than 10 kgf of force in the connection direction once they are snugly and securely in position.


C141-E250 v

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