946001 3130 Hor Band Saw.pmd

946001 3130 Hor Band Saw.pmd

Machine set-up

Uncrating and spotting the saw

The saw was operated and adjusted by Wilton.

Therefore no saw adjustment should be required, and the only set-up procedures are as follows:

1. Remove the saw from the box .

2. Remove the rubber shipping plug on the top of the gearbox and replace it with the permanent metal breather plug supplied.

3. Plug the saw into a suitable service branch. The saw is a 120V single phase motor and the motor cable has a standard 3-prong grounded plug installed.


Always connect the plug to a grounded branch circuit.

If local regulations required that the saw be permanently wired, or if the environment in which the saw is used makes this advisable, the connection should only be made by a licensed electrician who is familiar with all national and local electrical codes.

The service disconnect should have an external ON/OFF switch or lever which permits the saw operator to disconnect branch power to the saw during set-up and maintenance operations as described in this manual.

Wiring diagram

The motor standard on the saw is a 120V single phase, 1750RPM motor which can also be reconfigured for 240V operation. If the saw will be used on a 240V single phase branch circuit, the electrician will find a diagram for reconfiguring the motor wiring underneath the motor terminal plate.

The wiring diagram here is included for reference when replacing the motor, ON/OFF switch or cable. These operations should be performed only by a licensed electrician.

Installing the coolant kit

Refer to Page 25 for a complete view of the components in the coolant kit, and refer to Figure 17 for the attachment of the valve to the valve bracket on the guide bearing seat.

1. Install the baffle in the tank so the pump is held at one end.

2. Install the 90 degree elbow and one of the hose fittings in the bottom of the coolant pump.

3. Install one end of the coolant hose on the pump fitting.

4. Put the pump in the tank and put the assembly into the tray underneath the saw base. Flanges are on the tray to keep the coolant tank in position.

5. Put the valve into the holder on the right blade guide assembly and secure it with the set screw on the holder. Position the valve so the handle is easy to operate.

6. Install the nozzle into the valve.

7. Install the hose fitting into the valve.

8. Route the hose to the hose fitting on the valve and install it on the fitting.

9. Fill the tank with enough coolant to flow over the baffle in the tank.

10. Put the valve handle in OFF position -- at right angle to the direction of flow through the valve.

11. Install the coolant return hose and fitting to the trough and route the return hose to the tank.

12. Connect the pump to its electrical source.

Note: The pump cable is supplied with a standard plug for a 120V single phase grounded branch receptable. Always use a grounded receptable for this purpose.


Figure 16: Wiring diagram

Figure 17: Installing the valve in the valve bracket --

1: Install the valve, back end first, into the bracket.

2: Secure it with the set screw after being sure the handle can turn its full 1/4 turn.

3: Install the nozzle on the front of the valve, then install the hose fitting and hose on the back end of the valve.

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