Unwinding the Power Cord. Simplicity s40p, S40

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Unwinding the Power Cord. Simplicity s40p, S40 | Manualzz


Attaching the Handle to the Vacuum

NOTE: Do not plug in the vacuum until it is completely assembled.

The vacuum cleaner and the handle are packed separately and require assembly.

• Remove the handle screw located on the back of the vacuum (Fig. 1). Insert the handle downward into the body of the vacuum (Fig. 2). Insert screw and tighten.

• Open the bag compartment cover to ensure a vacuum bag is in place.

• Your vacuum is now ready for use.

• When storing the vacuum, wrap the cord clockwise around the top and bottom cord hooks. Fasten the plug to the wrapped cord using the channel on the plug.

Unwinding the Power Cord

• The Quick Release Upper Cord Hook rotates to allow for quick access to the power cord. Turn the upper cord hook downward and you can quickly drop the power cord to the floor without unwinding it from the cord hooks (Fig. 3).

• When storing the vacuum cleaner, turn the

Quick Release Upper Cord Hook to the upright position and wrap the power cord around the cord storage hooks.


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3


This vacuum is intended for household use only.

Reclining the Handle

Press the Handle Release Pedal with your foot to recline the handle.

Vacuuming Carpet

For carpet cleaning, push the On/Off Switch to the “On” position. The Carpet Button will illuminate indicating the carpet cleaning setting is on (Fig. 1). The carpet cleaning setting will remain on until the Carpet Button is pushed and the button is no longer illuminated.

Bare Floor Cleaning

For bare floor cleaning (i.e. tile, wood, or vinyl), push the On/Off Switch to the

“On” position. Push the Carpet Button.

The Carpet Button will no longer be illuminated indicating the carpet setting is off and the bare floor setting is on (Fig. 2).




Brushroll Auto Shut-Off Feature

When the vacuum is turned on and in the upright position, the brushroll will not spin to reduce the possibility of damaging flooring surfaces. The brushroll will spin when the handle is lowered, if the Carpet

Button is illuminated.

Always turn the vacuum cleaner off before unplugging it from the electrical outlet.



Carpet Cleaning

Fig. 1



Bare Floor Cleaning (Wood, Tile, etc.)

Fig. 2



Dirt Sensing Display (S40P model only)

The Premium Synergy is equipped with two amber lights that illuminate the edges of the cleaning path when your vacuum detects that dirt is being picked up by the machine (while in the carpet cleaning mode). Continue vacuuming this area until the amber lights no longer illuminate.

When only the white headlights are illuminated, the Premium Synergy has removed all of the deeply embedded dirt from your carpet, and you should move on to a new area.

Amber Light

Carpet Height Adjustment

There are various carpet height settings designed for numerous flooring surfaces.

• Locate the height adjustment dial just above the right rear wheel, and rotate the dial to the desired height.

Max Shag/Frieze or similar length carpet

X Hi Plush carpet

High Medium pile carpet

Auto General setting

Floor Hard floors

Low Low pile carpet

• If it becomes difficult to push the vacuum across the carpet, adjust the dial to a higher carpet setting.

Amber Light



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