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Chapter 3

How to use the LCD Display Monitor

Picture Menu Screen

Picture mode


Color Temperature


Adaptive Contrast

Over Scan

Aspect Ratio

Color Range

VGA setting

Reset Picture Setting

Picture Menu Screen

Select picture style, Dynamic, Cinema, Custom, or Standard. See pages

16 and 41.

Adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, tint, and color settings.

Adjust backlight settings.

Adjust color temperature and gain.

Select gamma setting.

Turn adaptive contrast on or off.

Adjust over scan settings.

• Adjust aspect ratio settings

• This option is grayed out and inactive when the zoom (in multi-display), is enabled.

• The options are 4:3, 16:9, zoom, cinema, and dot by dot.

• If overscan is off, only aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9. and dot by dot can be selected.

• If multi-display is active, the overscanoption is grayed out and set to


Adjust color range settings, or set to automatic.

Adjust horizontal and vertical position, clock, and phase.

Reset settings to factory defaults.


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