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Setup Menu Screen

Chapter 3

How to use the LCD Display Monitor



Signal Check Priority

Control Setting

Standby Mode

Ethernet Setting

Sleep Timer

Power Save

Setup Menu Screen

Change schedule settings.

• Set signal priority 1-5 (priority 1 is the highest). If the current source signal is lost, the display will search for a new signal source according signal priority setting).

• If signal priority check is enabled, upon power on the display will search for an active source according the signal priority check settings.

• If there is no signal source available in priority 1, the display will check other sources in descending order of priority, and switch source accordingly.

• If the signal source with the highest priority returns, the display will automatically switch back to this source.

• If signal priority check is disabled, upon power on the display will use will the last used source.

• If signal priority check is enabled and upon power on the source is USB, the system will automatically play from USB.

Choose to control the LCD display through RS-232C or LAN.

Select standby mode; ECO or normal.

Change ethernet settings for control via LAN.

Change sleep timing settings, or turn off the sleep timer.

Change power save settings, or turn off the power save mode.


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