RemotEye III User Manual – 6233-005

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Important Notice

This user manual may not cover all of the variations in equipment, nor may it provide information on every possible contingency concerning installation, operation, or maintenance.

The contents of this manual shall not become a part of or modify any prior agreement, commitment, or relationship between the customer and the TOSHIBA International Corporation's UPS Division. The sales contract contains the entire obligation of the TOSHIBA International Corporation's UPS Division. The warranty contained in the contract between the parties is the sole warranty of the TOSHIBA International Corporation's UPS Division, and any statements contained herein do not create new warranties or modify the existing warranty.

Any electrical or mechanical modifications to this equipment without prior written consent of the TOSHIBA

International Corporation will void all warranties and may void the UL/CUL listing or other safety certifications.

Unauthorized modifications may also result in equipment damage or personal injury.

When used on UPS supporting safety critical equipment, carefully analyze the impact of allowing remote access of the UPS control features.

Important Safety Instructions

This manual contains important instructions that should be followed during the installation, maintenance, and operation of the UPS and its batteries to assure safe and proper operation.

Turn off, lockout, and tagout all power sources before connecting the power wiring to the equipment or when performing maintenance.

Unauthorized personnel should not service batteries.

Contact your nearest Toshiba authorized service center for battery replacement.

Qualified Personnel shall:

Have read the entire operation manual of the system being serviced.

Be trained and authorized to safely energize, de-energize, ground, lockout and tag circuits and equipment, and clear faults in accordance with established safety practices.

Be trained in the proper care and use of protective equipment such as safety shoes, rubber gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, face shields, flash clothing, etc., in accordance with established safety practices.

Be trained in rendering first aid.

Be knowledgeable of batteries and the required handling and maintenance precautions.

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