Cubase Artist 6

Summed up

 Immediately listen to dynamic changes noted in the Score Editor or placed in the Key Editor

 Full support for dynamics in the Key Editor

 Extended VST 3.5 replacement for the previous MIDI Meaning feature

VST Expression map on call*

VST 3.5 compatible instruments such as the included HALion Sonic

SE, as well as HALion Sonic and the HALion Symphonic Orchestra

VST Sound Instrument Set can automatically transfer the articulation setup of each individual instrument sound to a VST Expression Map

— a great function that will speed up the setup of VST Expression maps dramatically.

Summed up

 Straightforward setup of VST Expression maps

 Automatically transfer articulation setups of VST 3.5 compatible instruments for individual instrument sounds

* Cubase 6 exclusive

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Make some noise

Insane tones for your guitar

VST Amp Rack is the new reference virtual guitar amplifier and effects suite, featuring the best in convolution technology. With the push of a button, VST Amp Rack delivers a comprehensive collection of outstanding guitar tones across an array of genres and styles from vintage to modern.

Based on some of the finest guitar amplifiers ever crafted, VST Amp

Rack comes with seven distinct amp models that exactly reproduce the unique character of their originals. Whether it is crystal clean, creamy crunch or singing sustain, VST Amp Rack always delivers the perfect tone for studio-grade guitar tracks.

Designed as a customizable guitar rack waiting to be fueled, VST Amp

Rack allows guitarists, bassists, engineers and producers to create complete setups, consisting of amps, classic stomp box effects, speaker cabinets and microphone models. Sixteen legendary stomp boxes are available, including Wah Wah, Compressor, Tape Delay and

Fuzz for even more options in generating legendary guitar sounds.

This, in combination with six classic speaker cabinets, two microphones and a tuner make VST Amp Rack the ultimate set of tools for authentic guitar recording right out of the box.

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Be it jazz, rock or metal, VST Amp Rack is ready to infuse guitar tracks with drive, punch and clarity. With this tool at hand, there is no need for buying additional guitar recording gear — and it works great on drums and vocals as well.

Summed up:

 Comprehensive collection of signature guitar tones

 Seven legendary amp models ranging from vintage to modern

 Sixteen stomp box effects, including Wah Wah, Compressor, Tape

Delay and Fuzz

 Six classic speaker cabinets, two studio-grade microphones and tuner

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Taste sonic dimensions

HALion Sonic SE is a streamlined version of HALion Sonic,

Steinberg’s premier VST workstation. Incorporating the same pristine audio and synth engine as its award-winning brother, HALion Sonic

SE offers tight integration with Cubase 6 and more than 900 (Artist:

550) production-ready sounds and instruments. Intuitive handling, instant playability and VST 3.5 support make this new instrument the perfect choice for creative songwriting or just playing along.

HALion Sonic SE replaces HALion ONE, but all HALion ONE sounds have been refurbished and are now included in HALion Sonic SE — together with new content taken from HALion Sonic. Equipped with detailed acoustic instruments, brilliant synthesizers and up-to-theminute beats, the SE version is an extensive pool of sounds for everyday studio work.

HALion Sonic SE supports VST 3.5, being among the first to benefit from the revolutionary VST Expression 2 technology. This includes time-saving tools for composers such as the automatic VST

Expression map setup and the Note Expression features.

What’s more, eight intuitive Quick Controls provide fast access to the most important sound-shaping parameters. And with HALion Sonic

SE, Cubase 6 also introduces a MIDI file import mode, making full use of HALion Sonic SE’s 16-part multitimbral mode.

Summed up

 Same pristine audio quality as the award-winning HALion Sonic

 More than 900 production-ready sounds and instruments (Artist:


 Eight Quick Controls for intuitive sound tweaking

 VST 3.5 compatible — perfectly integrated in Cubase 6

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LoopMash reloaded

The highly evolved LoopMash 2 offers even more cool ways to remix loops and create tons of new fresh variations of your music while giving you total control over the process. Over 20 new MIDIcontrollable live and slice-based effects such as scratches, stutters and tape stops will get your beats onto the dancefloors.

LoopMash 2 now sports twice the amount of scenes — a total of 24 — to inject more variety into your performances. The scenes can be rearranged using drag-and-drop and renamed by double-clicking on them. With full Undo/Redo support you have now the freedom to try every parameter combination that comes to your mind without worrying about the consequences.

And that’s not all, you can drag-and-drop slices from one LoopMash 2 track to another, or even into Groove Agent ONE!

Summed up

 New and improved matching algorithms

 More than 20 new MIDI-controllable live and slice-based effects

 24 scene memory slots with full undo / redo

 VST 3.5 compatible — perfectly integrated in Cubase 6

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HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument


Cubase 6 contains a 90-day fully functional trial version of the HALion

Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set, providing a wealth of acoustic orchestral instruments at their best, including an almost inexhaustible range of articulations and expressive playing techniques. Existing HSO users will be excited to find out that they can use HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set with their existing license as a free update right away! For all others, the trial version of the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set can be upgraded online to a permanent license at a very special price — exclusive for

Cubase 6 customers.

The license upgrade is only available online and enables the permanent use of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound

Instrument Set included in Cubase 6.

Evocative scores, exquisite arrangements and emotive accompaniments: HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound

Instrument Set for HALion Sonic SE and HALion Sonic is the ideal, symphonic library for composition, production and pre-production in music, TV and film scoring and game sound. It puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under total control with its full support for VST Expression 2. Capturing every nuance and detail of a full palette and dynamic range of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, this library includes an almost inexhaustible range of articulations and expressive playing techniques, directly accessible in HALion Sonic SE and Cubase 6 — thanks to VST Expression.

* Cubase 6 exclusive

Cubase 6 - Cubase Artist 6 Product Guide

Summed up:

 Free update for existing HSO owners — now compatible with

HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE

Page 52 Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

 Complete symphonic orchestra with breathtakingly authentic strings, brass, woodwind and percussion

 Works hand in hand with VST Expression 2 features — giving total control over articulations right in the Score and Key Editors

 Extraordinarily expressive with full dynamic range covering all common articulations of each instrument

 Crescendo Controller feature allows seamlessly real-time blending between samples with different dynamic characteristics

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