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3.6 Ventilation in rooms with gas appliances

This appliance is not connected to an exhaust device for products of combustion. It must therefore be installed and connected in compliance with current installation standards. Pay particular attention to standards applied to room aeration.

This appliance is not connected to an exhaust device for products of combustion. Ventilation must be in accordance with AS5601/AG 601 - Gas Installations. In general, the appliance should have adequate ventilation for complete combustion of gas, proper flueing and to maintain temperature of immediate surroundings within safe limits. Pay particular attention to standards applied to room aeration.

This appliance can only be installed in ventilated rooms, according to current standards, so as to allow, with openings onto external walls or appropriate ducts, for correct natural or forced ventilation that permanently and sufficiently ensures both the air intake necessary for correct combustion and the expelling of vitiated air. It is recommended that the appliance have a rangehood fitted directly above or ceiling fan in close proximity to the appliance.

Using a gas cooking appliance produces heat and humidity in the room where it is installed. Ensure good room ventilation: keep natural ventilation grilles open or install a mechanical ventilation device

(ducted extraction hood).

Intensive and prolonged appliance use may require supplementary ventilation, for example, opening a window, more effective ventilation, or increasing the extraction hood power, if installed.

If this is the only gas appliance in the room, it is necessary to install a hood so as to expel vitiated air naturally and directly, with a rectilinear vertical duct at least twice as long as its diameter and having a minimum section of at least 100 cm



For the essential air intake into the room, it is necessary to prepare a similar opening of at least

100 cm


that communicates directly outside, situated close to floor level so as not to be obstructed from either inside or outside and so as not to disturb the combustion of the burners and the correct expelling of vitiated air and with a height difference from the exit opening of at least 180 cm.

electric fan


Remember that the quantity of air necessary for combustion must not be lower than 2 m



per kW of power (see total power in kW shown on the appliance plate).

In all other cases, i.e. when other gas appliances are present in the same room, or, if it is not possible to have natural direct ventilation, it is necessary to create natural, indirect ventilation or forced ventilation: for this type of operation, it is necessary to contact a qualified technician

for installing and creating the ventilation system in strict compliance with the guidelines set out in current standards.

The openings should be positioned so as not to allow the formation of any unpleasant air current for the occupants. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use flues already used by other appliances to expel products of combustion.


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