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Instructions for the user

6. Using the cooking hob

Make sure that the flame caps, the burner caps and the pan supports are fitted correctly.

During normal operations, the appliance heats up considerably. Caution should therefore be used.

Do not allow children to approach the appliance.

Do not leave the cooking hob unattended

while it is on.

6.1 Switching on the burners

All the hob burner knobs have the following symbols: tap closed high flame low flame

The low flame setting is found by turning the knob anticlockwise all the way. All intermediate settings must be selected between the high flame and low flame, never between high flame and



6.1.1 One-touch lighting

The hob burners are equipped with a "one-touch" lighting system. To switch on one of the burners, press the knob corresponding to the required burner and turn it anticlockwise to the low setting .

Hold down the knob to activate the automatic "one-touch" lighting system. When the burner is on, hold down the knob for approximately 10 seconds, to allow the safety valve to open. In the event of a power cut, the burner can also be lit with a match (see section “6.1.2 Manual lighting”).

Should the burner switch off accidentally, the safety thermocouple blocks the gas flow, even when the tap is open.

The device should not been activated for longer than 15 seconds. If after that time it fails to operate stop pressing the knob, open the window and wait 1 minute before trying again. In case the flame goes out accidentally turn off the knob and do not try to switch on the burner for at least

1 minute


6.1.2 Manual lighting

To light one of the burners, move a lit match towards the burner, press the corresponding knob and turn it anticlockwise to the minimum setting . Release the knob.

6.2 Switching off the burners

At the end of the cooking, return the knob to position .

6.3 Abnormal Operation

Any of the following are considered to be abnormal operation and may require servicing:

Yellow tipping of the hob burner flame.

Sooting up of cooking utensils.

Burners not igniting properly.

Burners failing to remain alight.

Burners extinguished by cupboard doors.

Gas valves, which are difficult to turn.

In case the appliance fails to operate correctly, contact the authorised service provider in your area.



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