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Instructions for the user

7. Using the induction hob

The hob is equipped with one radiant generator per cooking zone. Each generator located below the glass ceramic cooking surface generates an electromagnetic field that induces a thermal current in the base of the pan.

In induction cooking, heat is not transmitted from a heat source, but created by inductive currents directly inside the pan.

Advantages of induction cooking:

Energy saving thanks to the direct transmission of energy to the pan, compared with traditional electric or gas cooking.

Safer thanks to the transmission of energy solely to the pan rested on the hob.

Highly efficient energy transmission from the induction cooking zone to the base of the pan.

Rapid heating speed.

Reduced risk of burns, since the cooking surface is heated solely at the base of the pan.

Spilt food does not stick to the surface of the hob.

7.1 General warnings

Remove all labels and self-adhesives from the ceramic glass.

Before connecting the appliance to the mains, ensure it has been standing at room temperature

for at least 2 hours


People with a pacemaker or other similar devices must ensure that the operation of their devices is not jeopardised by the induction field, the frequency range of which is between 20 and 50 kHz.

Do not wear metal objects or necklaces in direct contact with the body. When entering the radiating field of the induction hob, they may overheat with an ensuing risk of scalding. Non-magnetisable metals (e.g. gold or silver) do not carry this risk.

Objects with a magnetic strip (credit cards, swipe cards, floppy discs, etc.) must not be left near the appliance while it is on.

Do not heat canned food or other sealed containers. The pressure that builds up inside the container during cooking may cause it to explode.

Do not place metal objects such as cookware or cutlery on the surface of the hob as they can overheat, with an ensuing risk of scalding.

Never cover the appliance with a cloth or a protection sheet. this is supposed to become very hot and catch fire.

Do not use the glass surface of the hob as a countertop or work surface.

Make sure no cable of any fixed or moving appliance contacts with the glass or the hot saucepan.

Any damage arising from the use of saucepans unsuitable for induction cooking, or of removable accessories between the pan and the radiant element, will void the warranty. The manufacturer

cannot be held liable for damage to the hob or related damage arising from improper use.



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