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Instructions for the user

10. Cleaning and maintenance

Before cleaning or carrying out maintenance, switch off the power supply to the appliance and close the gas tap.

Warning: Servicing should be carried out only by authorised personnel.

Do not clean the surfaces of the appliance when they are still hot.

Use only suitable detergents to clean the surfaces of the appliance. The manufacturer declines all responsibility and is not liable for damage arising from the use of unsuitable and/or other detergents than those indicated.

Do not use pressure or steam spray guns to clean the appliance.

10.1 Cleaning the stainless steel surfaces

To clean and preserve the stainless steel surfaces, use a solution of warm water and vinegar or

neutral soap

. Pour the solution onto a damp cloth and wipe the steel surface, in the direction of the satin finish, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or chamois leather.

Do not under any circumstances use metallic sponges or sharp scrapers that may damage the surfaces.

Only use non-scratch, non-abrasive sponges and, if necessary, wooden or plastic utensils.

10.2 Cleaning the enamelled surfaces

Clean with a non-scratch, non-abrasive sponge dampened with neutral soap and water. Grease stains can easily be eliminated with hot water or a product specifically made for cleaning enamel.

Rinse carefully and dry with a soft cloth or a piece of deerskin.

Do not use products containing abrasives, scouring pads, steel wool or acid, which may spoil the surfaces.

Do not leave acid or alkaline substances on the enamel (lemon juice, vinegar, salt, etc.).

10.3 Cleaning the polished surfaces

Clean with a non-abrasive, scratchproof sponge dampened with warm water and neutral soap or with a standard detergent for polished surfaces. Rinse and dry carefully with a soft cloth.

Abrasive pastes, coarse wire pads, steel wool or acid will damage the surfaces. Do not use alcohol.

10.4 Cleaning the wooden surfaces, accessories and parts

We recommend using cleaning products normally available on the market. These products ensure the wood is preserved over time. If these products are not available, we recommend removing the dirt as soon as possible using a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Remove the larger incrustations and more stubborn residues using a

scratch-resistant scraper for wood

or a special sponge designed for delicate surfaces.

Do not under any circumstances use metallic sponges or sharp scrapers that may damage the surfaces.

Do not wash wooden accessories and parts in the dishwasher. Keep dry and avoid extreme temperature changes. Excessive humidity and extreme temperature changes may irrevocably deform the wooden accessories and parts.

10.5 Cleaning the knobs and the control panel

Clean the knobs and the control panel with a damp cloth.



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