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Instructions for the user

To clean the area between the outer glass and the intermediate glass, use a soft brush in the space between the glass panels, as shown on p. 94.

To refit the door, follow the instructions on p. 94 in reverse order.

When the hinges B are back in their seats, open the door all the way and re-fit the safety catches of the hinges, lowering the respective pins A (one for each hinge).


After re-fitting the door, always be sure to re-fit the hinge safety catches.

11.2 Removing the side rack-holder frames

The rack-holder frames can be removed to clean them separately and to facilitate cleaning the oven walls. The frames are hooked to the oven wall in the three points indicated by the arrows in the figure (detail 1).

Press downward with your fingers as shown in detail 2 of the figure to release the frame from the upper pin.

Lift the frame upward and take it out.

To re-fit proceed in the inverse direction. Set the lower part of the frame on the respective pins and press the upper part against the oven wall until it hooks onto the pin.



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