Warranty. Macrom M-DSPA.401

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Warranty. Macrom M-DSPA.401 | Manualzz


Thank you for purchasing this Macrom product. Should your product need warranty service, please return it to the shop where you buy it or to the Macrom distributor in your country. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper use and or installation, incorrect connections to power supply and audio sources, exposure to excessive humidity, unauthorized repair attempts or modifications.

Safety information

Before beginning with installation, disconnect the wire from the battery ground terminal to prevent any short during installation.

This subwoofer must properly installed by Macrom authorized installer. Impropers installation may damege the unit and /or the vehicle. Verify all electrical and drivability of the vehicle before the installation.


• DSP Bluetooth setting control via APP for Android and iPhone smart phones.

3 way active crossover, selectable from By-pass, Low-pass, Hi-pass and Band-pass.

Time alignment in“cm” for 4 channel output selectatble from 0 to 230 cm.

7-Band parametric equalizer

Input setting controller, easy to set Gain, Mute, changing Phase of each channel

• SRS 3D surround sound

Dynamic Bass setting

5 memory preset sound in the amplifier

Unlimited sound setting save in the mobile phone


M-DSPA.401 play a music from a RCA line input or from a High level input.

• Output rated power 150 Watt by 4 channel (76W RMS).

The operating frequency range is from 20Hz to 20KHz.

Signal to noise ratio

> 120dB.

Dynamic range

> 100dB.


< 0.001%.

• Standby current < 0.1mA

Max current consumption 20A.

Operation voltage from 9Volts to 15.5Volts.

Dimensions: 195mm 130mm 38mm

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of the M-DSPA.401?
The maximum power output is 150 Watts by 4 channels (76W RMS).
What is the operating frequency range of the M-DSPA.401?
The operating frequency range is from 20Hz to 20KHz.
What is the Signal to noise ratio of the M-DSPA.401?
The Signal to noise ratio is > 120dB.
What is the Dynamic range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Dynamic range is > 100dB.
What is the THD of the M-DSPA.401?
The THD is < 0.001% at 1KHz.
What is the Standby current of the M-DSPA.401?
The Standby current is < 0.1mA.
What is the Max current consumption of the M-DSPA.401?
The Max current consumption is 20A.
What is the Operation voltage range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Operation voltage range is from 9Volts to 15.5Volts.
What are the dimensions of the M-DSPA.401?
The dimensions are 195mm x 130mm x 38mm.
How do I connect the M-DSPA.401 to my mobile phone?
You can connect the M-DSPA.401 to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Download the M-DSPA.401 APP from the Google Play or Apple store, install it on your phone, and then pair your phone with the M-DSPA.401.