Equalizer. Macrom M-DSPA.401

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Equalizer. Macrom M-DSPA.401 | Manualzz

APP overview


1. 7 Bands equalizer adjustable from +15dB to -15dB.

2. Frequencies setting adjustable from 20Hz to 20.000Hz

3. Q factor variable from 0.3 to 9.9

4. SRS 3D surrond sound

5. Rear, setting equalizer rear section

6. Front, setting equalizer front section

7. Setting; click on it to get the setup functions.

8. Main menu; click on it to get the main menu.

9. Time Alignment; click on it to get the time alignment functions.

10. Filter; click on it to get the filter crossover functions.

11. All, setting of equalization parameters for both sections (front and rear)

12. Reset

13. Setting Dynamic Bass







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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of the M-DSPA.401?
The maximum power output is 150 Watts by 4 channels (76W RMS).
What is the operating frequency range of the M-DSPA.401?
The operating frequency range is from 20Hz to 20KHz.
What is the Signal to noise ratio of the M-DSPA.401?
The Signal to noise ratio is > 120dB.
What is the Dynamic range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Dynamic range is > 100dB.
What is the THD of the M-DSPA.401?
The THD is < 0.001% at 1KHz.
What is the Standby current of the M-DSPA.401?
The Standby current is < 0.1mA.
What is the Max current consumption of the M-DSPA.401?
The Max current consumption is 20A.
What is the Operation voltage range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Operation voltage range is from 9Volts to 15.5Volts.
What are the dimensions of the M-DSPA.401?
The dimensions are 195mm x 130mm x 38mm.
How do I connect the M-DSPA.401 to my mobile phone?
You can connect the M-DSPA.401 to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Download the M-DSPA.401 APP from the Google Play or Apple store, install it on your phone, and then pair your phone with the M-DSPA.401.