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Chapter 4



• Some discs start playing automatically when the disc tray is closed.

• DVD-Video discs have parental lock features. Input the password registered in the player’s settings to unlock the parental lock. For details, see page 39.

If the disc menu is displayed

For some discs, the disc menu is displayed automatically when playback starts. The contents of the disc menu and the way to operate depend on the disc.

Resuming playback from where it

was stopped (resume playback function)

• When

 is pressed during playback, the point at which the disc stopped is stored in the memory.


 is pressed after that, playback resumes from that point.

• To cancel the resume playback function, press

 while playback is stopped.

Playing discs or files

This section describes the player’s main operations.

For the types of discs and files that can be played, see page 6. Video, image and audio files recorded on discs are played with the Home Media Gallery (page 27).

1 Press

STANDBY/ON to turn on the power.

Turn the TV’s power on and switch its input beforehand.

2 Press

OPEN/CLOSE to open the disc tray and

load the disc.


• The resume playback function is canceled automatically in the following cases:

– When the disc tray is opened.

– When the file list window is switched.

– When the power is turned off. (For BDs and DVDs this does not cancel the resume playback function.)

• When you want to continue playback from a position you specify to be played next time, see Continuing

playback from a specified position (Continued Viewing

Playback) on page 26.

• The resume playback function cannot be used for some discs.

Forward and reverse scanning


• Load the disc with the printed side facing up.

• Several dozen seconds are required to read the disc.

Once reading is completed, the type of disc is displayed on the player’s front panel display.

• When a BD with usage restrictions set by a BD recorder is loaded, the PIN code input screen appears. In this case, input your PIN code.

3 Press

to play the disc.

• To pause, press

 during playback.

• To stop, press

 during playback.

During playback, press or .

• The scanning speed switches each time the button is pressed. The speed steps depend on the disc or file

(the speed is displayed on the TV screen).

To resume normal playback

Press .




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