BDP-150 BDP-150-K BDP-150-S

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Playing the Playlist

1 Press HOME MEDIA GALLERY to display the

Home Media Gallery.

The Home Media Gallery can also be displayed by selecting Home Media Gallery from Home Menu, then pressing ENTER.

2 Select Playlist.


/ to select, then press ENTER.

3 Select the track/file to be played.

Use / to select, then press ENTER.

Playback starts from the selected track/file and continues until the end of the list is reached. Use /  to play the previous or next track/file. The Now Playing screen is displayed.

Deleting tracks/files from the Playlist

1 Select the track/file to be deleted, then press POP

UP MENU to display the POP UP MENU menu.

2 Use

/ to select Remove from Playlist, then

press ENTER.




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