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Chapter 6

Playing the web contents

You can enjoy some streaming contents on the Internet with the player.

Pioneer does not represent or warrant that content services will continue to be provided or available for a particular period of time, and any such warranty, express or implied, is disclaimed.

Available web contents

• Disc playback and this function cannot be used at the same time.

• YouTube (MPEG4 AVC H.264)

Playing the items

• Picasa

• Netflix



About YouTube

• YouTube videos of the following sizes can be played.

– Standard quality (400 x 226 pixels, 200 kbps)

– Medium quality (480 x 360 pixels, 512 kbps)

– High quality (854 x 480 pixels, 900 kbps)

– HD (720p) (1280 x 720 pixels, 2 Mbps)

– HD (1080p) (1920 x 1080 pixels, 4 Mbps)

• This player supports the YouTube Leanback service.

The YouTube Leanback service is only available in

English for now.

Refer to YouTube Help at support/youtube/ for further information.

• YouTube videos for mobile phones cannot be played.

• Some YouTube videos cannot be played.

About Picasa

• Picasa is available only in English. Refer to instructions at for details.

– Register your user name and password on the PC before you use Picasa Web Albums.

– When you access Picasa from this player for the first time, select the New User icon and enter your registered user name and password.

• Depending on the Internet connection environment, it may not be possible to play web contents properly.

• To access to web contents, this player requires a broadband Internet connection. A contract with an

Internet provider is required for a broadband Internet connection.

• Access to content provided by third parties requires a high speed Internet connection and may also require account registration and a paid subscription.

Third party content services may be changed, suspended, interrupted, or discontinued at any time without notice, and Pioneer disclaims any liability in connection with such occurrences.


You must connect the player to the Internet beforehand.

See Connecting to the network through LAN interface on page 17 for the details.

1 Display the selection screen.

The selection screen can be selected by pressing

HOME MENU then selecting Web Contents

Desired web content.

2 Select the type of web contents.

Use / to select, then press ENTER.

3 Press

/ to select the item you want to play,

then press ENTER.

To stop playback, press EXIT. Playback of the video stops and the Home Menu screen reappears.

Enjoying Netflix

Netflix offers instant streaming to Netflix members with an unlimited streaming account. This function allows you to enjoy Netflix service through the Internet. For more information on Netflix visit

help/ or login to your Netflix account and click “Help” at the top of the page.


• Netflix is only available in the United States, Canada and the U.K.

• To check Netflix ESN, select Initial Setup

 Playback

 Netflix Information.


En 32 ページ 2012年3月12日 月曜日 午後4時10分


• To deactivate your Netflix information, select Initial


 Playback  Netflix Information  Next


 Yes.

1 Display the Netflix screen.

Press Netflix.

• Or press HOME MENU and select Web Contents


• Once you access Netflix, on-screen messages will guide you.

2 Read the Disclaimer displayed on the screen. If you agree, select Agree on the last page. (If you do not agree, this service cannot be used.)

3 Follow the instructions on the screen and select the desired item.

4 After starting playback, you can control playback using


5 Press EXIT to close the Netflix screen.




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