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Chapter 8

Additional information

Cautions on use

Turn the power off when not using the player

Moving the player

If you need to move this unit, first remove the disc if there’s one loaded, and close the disc tray. Next, press

STANDBY/ON to switch the power to standby, checking that the POWER OFF indication on the front panel display goes off. Wait at least 10 seconds. Lastly, disconnect the power cord.

Depending on the conditions of the TV broadcast signals, striped patterns may appear on the screen when the TV is turned on while the player’s power is turned on. This is not a malfunction with the player or TV. If this happens, turn the player’s power off. In the same way, noise may be heard in the sound of a radio.


Never lift or move the unit during playback — discs rotate at a high speed and may be damaged.

Place of installation

Select a stable place near the TV and AV system to which the unit is connected.

Do not place the player on top of a TV or color monitor.

Keep it away from cassette decks or other components easily affected by magnetism.

Avoid the following types of places:

If the player is moved suddenly from a cold place into a warm room (in winter, for example) or if the temperature in the room in which the player is installed rises suddenly due to a heater, etc., water droplets (condensation) may form inside (on operating parts and the lens). When condensation is present, the player will not operate properly and playback is not possible. Let the player stand at room temperature for 1 or 2 hours with the power turned on (the time depends on the extent of condensation). The water droplets will dissipate and playback will become possible.

• Places exposed to direct sunlight

• Humid or poorly ventilated places

Condensation can also occur in the summer if the player is exposed to the direct wind from an air-conditioner. If this happens, move the player to a different place.

• Extremely hot or cold places

• Places subject to vibration

Cleaning the player

• Places in which there is much dust or cigarette smoke

• Places exposed to soot, steam or heat (in kitchens, etc.)

Normally, wipe the player with a soft cloth. For tough dirt, apply some neutral detergent diluted in 5 to 6 parts water to a soft cloth, wring out thoroughly, wipe off the dirt, then wipe again with a dry cloth.

Do not place objects on top

Do not place objects on top of the player.

Do not obstruct the ventilation


Do not use the player on a shaggy rug, bed, or sofa, and do not cover the player with a cloth, etc. Doing so will prevent heat dissipation and could lead to damage.

Note that getting alcohol, thinner, benzene or insecticide on the player could cause the print and coating to peel off.

Also, avoid leaving rubber or vinyl products in contact with the player for long periods of time, as this could damage the cabinet.

When using chemical-impregnated wipes, etc., read the wipe’s cautions carefully.

Unplug the power cord from the power outlet when cleaning the player.

Keep away from heat

Do not place the player on top of an amplifier or other device generating heat. When installing in a rack, to avoid the heat generated by the amplifier and other devices, place it on a shelf below the amplifier whenever possible.

Caution for when the unit is installed in a rack with a glass door

Do not press the  OPEN/CLOSE on the remote control to open the disc tray while the glass door is closed. The door will hamper the movement of the disc tray, and the unit could be damaged.





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