Operator`s Manual for Basic Functions CX1145 MFP

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2. Turning Power On / Shutdown

Turning power on

Open the switch cover, and then turn the power switch on.

• The equipment starts warming-up. “Wait Warming Up” appears during warming-up.

• While the equipment is warming up, you can use the auto job start function.


! P.55 “Scanning the next originals during copying (Auto job start)”)

The equipment will be ready for copying after about 40 seconds and “READY” appears.

When you turn the power of the equipment OFF, do not simply turn the power switch to turn it off but be sure to shut it down. (

! P.25 “Turning power off (Shutdown)”)

When “ERASING DATA” appears

This message appears when the Data Overwrite Kit (optional) has been installed. It appears immediately after the power is turned ON or after the equipment has been operated. You can operate the equipment even if it is displayed.

• When the use of the equipment is managed under department management or user management function, you need to enter the department code or user information before making a copy. For details, see

! P.20 “When department or user management is used”.




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