Operator`s Manual for Basic Functions CX1145 MFP

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4.Setting Copy Paper (Cont.)


Placing paper in the Large Capacity Feeder (optional)

1 Pull out the Large Capacity Feeder carefully.

• Pull out the drawer until it comes to a stop.

2 Place paper in A and B.

• Place paper with its copy side up. (The copy side may be described on the wrapping paper.)

• For the maximum number of sheets that can be set, see

! P.30

“Acceptable copy paper”.

• Be sure that the paper height does not exceed the line indicated on the side guide.

• Fan and jog the paper well before placing it on the drawer. Set the paper for A to the right side, and set that for B to the left side.

(The paper can be set neatly if you pile it up gradually and alternately in A and B.) Be sure that the center lever is not open (see the labels attached in the Large Capacity Feeder).

• Paper starts being fed out of the elevator tray (A) at first. When the paper on A has run out, the paper on B moves to the position of A and starts being fed.

• Do not use wrinkled, folded or damp sheets of paper.



3 Push the drawer of the Large Capacity Feeder straight into the equipment until it comes to a stop.

• Close the drawer completely. The elevator tray automatically moves up to the paper feeding position.

Be careful not to let your fingers be caught when closing the drawer. This could injure you.




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