Operator`s Manual for Basic Functions CX1145 MFP

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1.Setting Originals (Cont.)


Using the Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (optional)


Do not use the types of original 1 to 8 shown below because such types may cause misfeeding or damage to the equipment.

1. Badly wrinkled, folded or curled originals

2. Original with carbon paper

3. Taped, pasted or cut-out originals

4. Clipped or stapled originals

5. Originals with holes or tears

6. Damp originals

7. OHP films or tracing paper

8. Coating paper (coated with wax, etc.)

Use types of original 9 and 10 shown below with extra care.

9. Originals which cannot be moved with the fingers, or surface-treated originals

(The sheets of such originals may not be able to be separated.)

10. Folded or curled originals should be smoothed out before being used.

1 2 3


7 8





If the scanning area or the guide area is dirty, image trouble such as black streaks may occur in the printout. Weekly cleaning of these areas is recommended. (

! P.323 “1.Daily Inspection”)



Continuous feed mode

1 Align all the originals. Then place them face up and align the side guides to the original length.

• Place the originals straight along the side guides.

• Collate the originals in the order that you want them to be copied. The top sheet of the originals will be fed first.

• This mode is also available for one-sheet originals.

• Regardless of their sizes, originals are acceptable up to 100 sheets (9.3 to 20 lb.) or 0.62" in height.

• For mixed-size originals, see

! P.74 “Copying mixed-size originals in one go (mixed original size)”.

• Use the original stopper as required.

• To replace the original stopper, lift it slightly and push it in.

When the number of originals is too large to be set at one time, you can previously divide the originals into several sets to copy them continuously. To do so, place the first set of the originals and press the [CONTINUE] button on the touch panel while the data of this set are being scanned. When this scanning has finished, set the next set of the originals and press the [START] button on the control panel.



1.Setting Originals (Cont.)


Single feed mode

To switch over between the continuous feed mode and the single feed mode, see

! P.161 “16.ADF /


1 Align the side guides to the original width.

2 Insert the original with its face up and straight along the side guides.

• The original will be pulled in automatically. Be sure to let go of it when it starts being pulled.

• The menu of step 3 will be displayed.

3 If there are more originals, set them in the same way.

• The same operation is performed whether or not you press the [YES] button.

4 After all originals have finished being fed, press the [FINISHED] button.

If the [FINISHED] button is not pressed, copying is started when the automatic function clear is operated.

! P.17 “Clearing functions selected”




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