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2.Making Copies (Cont.)


Scanning the next originals during copying (Auto job start)

You can reserve a copy job by scanning the original during continuous copying or while “READY (WARM-

ING UP)” appears.


Place the original(s).


Select the copy mode and set the number of copies.

Note that the job starts in the copy modes of the previous job unless you set new ones particularly for this job.

3 Press the [START] button on the control panel.

• Up to 10 jobs can be stored in the memory. When an 11th job is placed on the original glass or the Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (optional) and the [START] button is pressed, “Auto

Start” appears on the touch panel.

• A maximum of 1000 LT sheets, or up until the memory becomes

full can be accepted per 1 copy job. (

! P.44 “Maximum number of sheets for scanning”)



Confirming and canceling auto job

Confirming auto job and canceling job in waiting

Press the [JOB STATUS] button on the control panel to display the job list for confirming the set auto job and canceling a job waiting to be copied. To cancel auto jobs, see

! P.225 “Deleting print jobs”.


Canceling auto job

Press the [STOP] button on the control panel to stop a job while originals are being scanned. To restart the job, press the [START] button. To clear the job, press the [FUNCTION CLEAR] button. (However, the originals which have been scanned before the job is stopped are copied even though the [FUNCTION

CLEAR] button is pressed.)

To cancel the 11th auto job, press the [STOP] button.



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