Operator`s Manual for Basic Functions CX1145 MFP

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1. Paper Selection

Automatic Paper Selection (APS)

When you place standard size originals on the original glass or the Reversing Automatic Document

Feeder (optional), the size of the originals is automatically detected, which helps the equipment select paper that is the same size as the originals.

• The automatic paper selection may not work correctly depending on the type of the originals. In that case, select the paper size manually.(

! P.73 “Manual paper selection”)

• For original sizes available for automatic paper selection, see

! P.43 “Acceptable originals”.


Place paper in the drawer(s).

2 Place the original(s).


Confirm that automatic paper selection has been selected on the basic menu.

• Automatic paper selection is selected by default at the installation of the equipment.

• If “Change direction of original” or “CHANGE DRAWER TO CORRECT PAPER SIZE” appears, perform the action accordingly.

• Set other copy modes as required.

Even if the direction of the paper set in the selected drawer differs from that of the original, the equipment rotates the data of the original by 90 degrees to make copies as long as their sizes are the same. (This works on LT paper only.) For example, when an LT original is set in a portrait direction and LT-R paper is placed in the drawer, the data of LT original will be rotated and copied correctly on LT-R paper.

When automatic paper selection is not selected

(1) Press the Enlargement/Reduction ([ZOOM...]) button.



(2) Press the [APS] button.

4 Press the [START] button.




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