Operator`s Manual for Basic Functions CX1145 MFP

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1.Paper Selection (Cont.)

Manual paper selection

Automatic paper selection cannot be selected for the following originals because their sizes are not detected correctly. Select the paper size manually for these originals.

• Highly transparent originals (e.g. OHP film, tracing paper)

• Wholly dark originals or originals with dark borders

• Non-standard size originals (e.g. newspapers, magazines)


When the desired size of paper is not set in any of the drawers, place this size of paper in the selected drawer or place the paper on the bypass tray manually.


! P.32 “Placing paper in the drawer”, ! P.58 “3.Bypass Copying”)

1 Place paper in the drawer(s).

• When using the bypass tray, be sure to specify the paper size.

2 Place the original(s).

3 Press the drawer button representing the desired paper size on the touch panel.

• You can use the paper source selection ( / ) buttons to select the desired drawer.

• Set other copy modes as required.

4 Press the [START] button.




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