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Temperature settings

Cooling compartment thermostat control

It ensures that the temperature settings in the cooling and freezing compartments of your fridge freezer can be performed automatically. It may be set to any value ranging from the values 1 to 5. As you turn the thermostat setting knob from 1 to 5, you increase the cooling effect. To save energy in winter months, you may operate your refrigerator at a lower position.

Important note: Do not try to rotate knob beyond position 1 as it will stop your appliance.

Fridge compartment thermostat knob;

5 : For further cooling.

3 - 4 : For normal usage.

1 - 2 : For less cooling.



Thermostat knob

Low ambient switch

Low ambient switch

You can use your appliance even if the ambient temperature is falling down as low as -15°C. However at low ambient temperatures (as -15°C), food in the fridge compartment may freeze. Please check first and then you can consume food in the fridge compartment. You can change the setting of thermostat knob to suit your needs when the ambient temperature returns to normal.


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Questions and Answers

What should I do if the appliance is damaged during transit?
Do not use it, contact your retailer immediately.
What should I do if the supply cord is damaged?
It must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorised service agent or similarly qualified persons, in order to avoid a hazard.
What is the maximum altitude at which this appliance can be used?
2000 m.
What type of substances, other than food, can be stored in the appliance?
What should I do with old fridges that have a lock?
Break or remove the lock before discarding it, because children may get trapped inside it and may cause an accident.

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