Chapter 7 FlexConnect

FlexConnect Solution

There is no advantage (or disadvantage) in having the FlexConnect APs consolidated into their own mobility domain. This is because client traffic is switched locally. EoIP mobility tunnels are not invoked between WLCs (of the same mobility domain) where client roaming with FlexConnect APs is involved.

If a dedicated WLC is going to be used for a FlexConnect deployment, a backup WLC should also be deployed to ensure network availability. As with standard AP deployments, the WLC priority should be set on the FlexConnect APs to force association with the designated WLCs.

FlexConnect Solution

The FlexConnect solution enables you to:

Centralize control and management traffic.

Distribute the client data traffic at each Branch Office.

Ensure traffic flow is going to its final destination in the most efficient manner.

Advantages of Centralizing Access Point Control Traffic

The advantages of centralizing AP control traffic are:

Single pane of monitoring and troubleshooting

Ease of management

Secured and seamless mobile access to Data Center resources

Reduction in branch footprint

Increase in operational savings

Advantages of Distributing Client Data Traffic

The advantages of distributing client data traffic are:

No operational downtime (survivability) against complete WAN link failures or controller unavailability.

Mobility resiliency within branch during WAN link failures.

Increase in branch scalability. Supports branch size that can scale up to 100 APs and 250,000 square feet (5000 square feet per AP).

Central Client Data Traffic

The Cisco FlexConnect solution also supports Central Client Data Traffic, but it should be limited to

Guest data traffic only.

Table 7-1


Table 7-2

outline the restrictions on WLAN security types only for non-guest clients whose data traffic is also switched centrally at the Data Center.


Enterprise Mobility 7.3 Design Guide


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