Chapter 7 FlexConnect

FlexConnect WGB/uWGB Support for Local Switching WLANs

P2P Summary

P2P Blocking is configured per WLAN

Per WLAN, P2P blocking configuration is pushed by the WLC to FlexConnect APs.

P2P blocking action configured as drop or upstream-forward on a WLAN is treated as P2P blocking enabled on the FlexConnect AP.

P2P Limitations

In FlexConnect solution P2P blocking configuration cannot be applied only to a particular


AP or subset of APs. It is applied to all FlexConnect APs that broadcast the SSID.

Unified solution for central switching clients supports P2P upstream-forward. However, this is not supported in the FlexConnect solution. This is treated as P2P drop, and client packets are dropped instead of forwarded to the next network node.

Unified solution for central switching clients supports P2P blocking for clients associated to different APs. However, this solution targets only clients connected to the same AP. FlexConnect

ACLs can be used as a work around for this limitation.

FlexConnect WGB/uWGB Support for Local Switching WLANs

From release 7.3 onward, Cisco’s Work Group Bridge/Universal Work Group Bridge (WGB/uWGB) and wired/wireless clients behind WGBs are supported and will work as normal clients on WLANs configured for local switching.

After association, WGB sends the IAPP messages for each of its wired/wireless clients, and FlexConnect

APs behave as follows:

When a FlexConnect AP is in connected mode, it forwards all the IAPP messages to the controller and the controller will process the IAPP messages the same as of local mode AP. Traffic for wired/wireless clients is switched locally from FlexConnect APs.

An AP in standalone mode processes the IAPP messages; wired/wireless clients on the WGB must be able to register and de-register. Upon transition to connected mode, FlexConnect AP sends the information of wired clients back to the controller. WGB will send registration messages three times when FlexConnect AP transitions from standalone to connected mode.

Wired/Wireless clients will inherit the WGB’s configuration, which means no separate configuration like AAA authentication, AAA override, and FlexConnect ACL is required for clients behind WGB.

FlexConnect WGB/uWGB Summary

No special configuration is required on WLC in order to support WGB on FlexConnect AP.

Fault Tolerance is supported for WGB and the clients behind WGB.

WGB is supported on an IOS AP: 1240, 1130, 1140, 1260, and 1250.


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