Yost Labs MoCap Studio User`s Manual

Yost Labs MoCap Studio User`s Manual

3 Windows


Create Skeleton

1. Sex – The gender of the person using the suit. This is used for calculation of bone proportions.

2. Height – The height of the person using the suit. This is used for the calculation of bone lengths.

3. Device Type – Whether the suit that is being attached is a PrioVR suit or Three Space Motion Capture suit.

4. PrioVR – If using PrioVR the MoCap Studio assigns sensors to standard bones.

5. Load XML – This allows you to load an already created device assignment XML file for the skeleton.


6. Create – Creates the new skeleton using the selected settings.

7. Cancel – Closes the Create Skeleton window.


Add Bone

1. Bone Name – The name to give the new bone.

2. Offset – The offset of the bone from the parent bone.

3. Parent Bone – The bone to attach the new bone to.

4. Add Bone – Adds the bone using the selected settings.



Color Settings

1. Items – The objects in the studio to set the color for.

(a) Default Bone – An unselected bone.

(b) Selected Bone – The sphere or cone that has been selected in the renderer.

(c) Selected Bone Children – The children of the currently selected bone.

(d) Background – The background color of the renderer.

(e) Grid – The main color of the grid.

(f) Grid Center Line – The color of the center lines in the grid.

2. Current Color – The current color for that item.

3. Color Picker – Changes the color for an item. You must click the current color to change it.

4. Done – Closes the Color Settings window.



Connected Devices

Shows the currently connected YOST Labs devices. Gives details on whether the sensor is Three-Space or PrioVR, wired or wireless, and other information on the sensor such as the serial number and com port.




Contains version and copyright information about the MoCap Studio, as well as links to various resources.


Report a Problem


1. Type of Problem – The category your issue falls under. This helps us more quickly find and resolve your issue.

2. Description – The description of your issue. The details added here allow us to replicate your issue so that we can resolve it.

3. Your Email – Optional. If given this allows us to contact you when your issue is corrected. We do not guarantee that we will contact you.

4. Send System Information – Whether to send information about your computer in the report. This allows us to correct system specific problems that may not appear on our systems.

5. Preview – This allows the user to see the data that will be sent to us in the report.

6. Send – Sends the specified data to YOST Labs.

7. Cancel – Closes the Report a Problem window.


Check for Updates

1. Current Installed Version – The version of MoCap Studio currently being used.

2. Highest Available Version – The highest version of MoCap Studio available to be installed.

3. Change Log – The changes between your current version of MoCap

Studio and the newest available version.

4. Update – Updates the Mocap Studio to the most recent version. This will restart the MoCap Studio so please save any changes before proceeding.

5. Cancel – Closes the Check for Updates window.


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