Using Your PC. Gigabyte GB-AEBN

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Using Your PC. Gigabyte GB-AEBN | Manualzz

Using Your PC

This section describes more tasks your computer can perform, including connecting to the Internet, using the Webcam to communicate with your family and friends, enjoying your digital entertainment from CD and DVD, reading and writing onto your memory cards.

Connecting To The Internet

With the access to the Internet you can browse the Web, send e-mail or exchange instant messages with friends and family. Before attempting to start the Internet connectivity with either a wired or wireless local area network, you need to purchase high-speed Internet service from a

Internet service provider (ISP). Your ISP will offer various Internet connection options, and assist you in setting up the Internet access through them. To set up your computer to access the

Internet connection, the following items are needed:

• Broadband modem (DSL or cable) purchased from your Internet service provider (ISP).

• An Ethernet cable (sold separately)

• to connect your computer and the broadband modem, or to connect the broadband modem and a wireless router or access point which serves as an access point station to make transmission possible. (for a wireless net work)

• For a wireless network connection, a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) card for your computer to connect with the router or access point. (sold separately; a built-in wireless LAN card is supplied with select models only.)

For details about installing the wireless LAN card, router, or access point, please refer to the manuals that shipped with the product you purchased or contact the manufacturer.

1. Choose a network you intend to join from the list.



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