Upgrading Your PC. Gigabyte GB-AEBN

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Upgrading Your PC. Gigabyte GB-AEBN | Manualzz

Upgrading Your PC

Safety Measures

Computer components and electronic circuit boards can be damaged by discharges of static electricity. Working on computers that are still connected to a power supply can be extremely dangerous. Follow the simple guidelines below to avoid damage to your computer or injury to yourself.

• Always disconnect the computer from the power outlet whenever you are working inside the computer case.

• If possible, wear a grounded wrist strap when you are working inside the computer case. Alternatively, discharge any static electricity by touching the bare metal system of the computer case, or the bare metal body of any other grounded appliance.

• Hold electronic circuit boards by the edges only. Do not touch the components on the board unless it is necessary to do so. Do not flex or stress the circuit board.

• Leave all components inside the static-proof packaging until you are ready to use the component for the installation.



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