Installing CPU. Gigabyte GB-AEBN

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Installing CPU. Gigabyte GB-AEBN | Manualzz

Installing CPU

Before installing the processor, adhere to the following cautions:

• The processor will overheat without the heatsink and/or fan, resulting in permanent irreparable damage.

• Never force the processor into the socket.

• Apply thermal compound evenly on the top of processor before placing the heat sink.

• Please make sure the CPU type is supported by the motherboard.

• If the CPU does not match the socket Pin 1 and CPU cut edge well, it will cause improper installation. Please change the insert orientation.

Follow these instructions to install the CPU:

1. Raise the metal locking lever on the socket. Remove the plastic covering on the CPU socket.

Insert the CPU with the correct orientation. The CPU only fits in one orientation.

2. Replace the metal cover.

3. Push the metal lever back into locked position.



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