Miscellaneous problems. Gigabyte GB-AEBN

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Miscellaneous problems. Gigabyte GB-AEBN | Manualzz

Miscellaneous problems


Certain video files cannot be played, and the

Codec error messages appear.

The media card reader cannot read my memory card.

Possible Solution

• Check if Windows Media Player is set to automatically download codecs.

• Right-click on the menu bar, select Tools from the opened menu, and then click Options.

• On the Player tab, in the Automatic updates area, select Once a day, and then click Apply and OK to complete the settings.

• Then try playing the file again. If the video file still cannot be played, it might require a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player. For more information about available codecs, see the documentation for Windows Media Player at the Microsoft web site..

• If you hear the noise only while inserting the earphone to the computer, it results from high instantaneous current. This is a normal phenomenon.

• Ensure that the memory card is fully inserted into the card reader slot.

• Ensure that the memory card is one of the supported types.

USB devices are working unexpectedly.

• Try restarting your computer.

• When the computer is turned on, insert the card again.

• Never insert or remove your memory cards when they are still in use, as this can cause loss of data or permanent damage to the card.

• Check if your USB devices are turned on.

• Some USB devices are designed to conserve battery power by turning off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. For example, your digital camera. Check if the connected USB device is turned on.

• Check if the USB port is working well.

• Try using another USB port to connect your USB device and see if the device is detected.

• Try connecting a low-powered USB device, such as a wired mouse, to the

USB port to check if the port is working well.

• If you are using a USB hub, the power requirements of the USB port may be exceeded.

• Try connecting your USB device directly to the USB port on your computer.

• Check if you need to pre-install software before connecting your USB device.

Read the documentation or user manual of the product.



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