LampLinc V2 2456D3

LampLinc V2 2456D3

INSTEON LampLinc V2 Dimmer User’s Guide



Read and understand these instructions before installing, and retain them for future reference.

LampLinc Dimmer is intended for installation in accordance with the National Electric Code and local regulations in the

United States, or the Canadian Electrical Code and local regulations in Canada. Use indoors only. LampLinc Dimmer is not designed nor approved for use on power lines other than 120V 60Hz, single phase. Attempting to use LampLinc

Dimmer on non-approved powerlines may have hazardous consequences.

To reduce the risk of overheating and possible damage to other equipment, use LampLinc Dimmer to control 110V incandescent lamps only. Dimming an inductive load, such as a fan or transformer, could cause damage to the dimmer, the load device, or both. If the manufacturer of the load device does not recommend dimming, DO NOT use LampLinc

Dimmer’s dimming capabilities or else use a non-dimming INSTEON module. USER ASSUMES ALL RISKS


Proper installation of at least two SignaLinc

RF Signal Enhancers is required

prior to installing and using other INSTEON devices.

L ampLinc Dimmer Installation Tips

• Don’t plug LampLinc Dimmer into an outlet controlled by a switch, because if the switch is inadvertently turned off, LampLinc Dimmer won’t have power.

Don’t use LampLinc Dimmer to control low-voltage lighting, flu orescent lights, or motors. These are inductive loads, which LampLinc Dimmer is not designed to control. Use a Smarthome


™ V2 instead.

Don’t plug LampLinc Dimmer into a filtered power strip or AC line filter.

• Be sure the lamp you want to control is working and that the manual sw itch on the lamp itself is in the

ON position.

If the lamp b eing controlled by LampLinc Dimmer already has its own built in dimmer, turn that dimmer to full on and allow LampLinc Dimmer to control the lamp’s brightness.

Don’t stack LampLinc, ApplianceLinc, SignaLinc

™ RF, or PowerLinc™ modules

together by plugging them into each other. Stacked modules may overheat and stop functioning.

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INSTEON LampLinc V2 Dimmer User’s Guide

Installing LampLinc Dimmer

1. For best INSTEON Network performance, be sure you have properly installed at least two SignaLinc

RF Signal Enhancers.

2. Plug LampLinc Dimmer into an unswitched wall receptacle. The white Status

LED on the side will illuminate steadily.

3. Plug the lamp you want to control into the controlled outlet on the bottom of

LampLinc Dimmer.

4. The lamp you plugged in will turn on. If the lamp does not turn on, turn it on manually using the switch on the lamp itself.

5. You can use the pass-through outlet on the front of LampLinc Dimmer as you would an ordinary uncontrolled wall outlet.

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