Installation of the Grounding Kit. Symmetricom GPS Antenna

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Installation of the Grounding Kit. Symmetricom GPS Antenna | Manualzz

GPS Antenna Sets

7. Installation of the Grounding Kit

Installation of the

Grounding Kit

This chapter provides principal instructions to install a grounding kit in the line between

GPS antenna and the building.


Do not install the grounding kit in the presence of thunderstorms.

Failure to obey this warning may result in injury or death to you or to others.


For further information refer to manufacturer’s installation instructions enclosed to the grounding kit.



Mounting the Grounding Kit

It is recommended to mount a grounding kit at the antenna cable every 60 m. At least one has to be installed close to the antenna and one at the entry point of the building.

Connection of the Grounding Kit

When correctly mounted at the antenna cable one and of the grounding cable is already connected to cable shield.

Connect the grounding lug of the cable to the customers high voltage eliminator.

Grounding Kit

This is an example only. Antenna position may be also an roof or wall mounting pipes.

001023AD – July 2003 17

Installation of the

Grounding Kit

GPS Antenna Sets

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18 001023AD – July 2003


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