Repacking and Return. Symmetricom GPS Antenna

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Repacking and Return. Symmetricom GPS Antenna | Manualzz

GPS Antenna Sets

8. Repacking and Return

This chapter contains repacking and return procedures.

Repacking and Return

To return the unit to the manufacturer for repair, use the following instructions:

(1) Contact the service department of Symmetricom GmbH (see back cover of this document) to announce the repair/service case before returning the product.

(2) Follow the procedure provided by the service department.

8.2. Repacking

The unit is portable and may be carried unpacked at normal environmental conditions.

Use standard packing procedures to protect the unit during shipment. Custom foam packing material is preferred because it conforms to the shape of the instrument.


Use transport case and original packing materials in the event the unit must be returned or shipped to another location.

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Repacking and Return

GPS Antenna Sets

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