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C-Nav3050 User Guide

Figure 35: Communication Port Connections

Basics of RTK Surveying

RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) is a GNSS system that yields very accurate 3D position fixes immediately in real-time.

A reference station (base station) transmits its GNSS position to roving receivers as the base receiver generates them. The roving receivers use the reference station readings to differentially correct their own positions. Accuracies of a few centimeters in all three dimensions are possible. RTK requires multi-frequency

GNSS receivers and high speed radio modems.

Proper setup of a reference station minimizes GNSS errors in the rover. The reference GNSS sensor is set up at a known surveyed location. With this position locked in, it transmits its code, clock, and reference station coordinate information to the roving sensor(s). The roving sensor(s) uses this information to correct each GNSS measurement it receives.

The C-Nav3050, when configured as a reference station, can transmit corrections to any number of roving receivers capable of picking up the radio signal and decoding one of these correction formats (NCT, RTCM 2.3, RTCM

3.1, CMR, and CMR+). The signal can be received in less than ideal environments, though some data loss may occur. Setup of the reference station



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C-Nav3050 User Guide sensor above the roving sensors is recommended to enable transmission to all rovers in all directions with minimal obstruction. High frequency radio signals generally travel a shorter distance than lower frequency signals, and do not

penetrate obstructions as well over distance. Figure 36 and Figure 37 illustrate

proper and improper RTK reference station installation.

Please note:

SF-2040 receivers are used in the examples below. The setup guidance also applies to the C-Nav3050.

Figure 36: RTK Setup - Good Line of Sight



Figure 37: RTK Setup - Poor Line of Sight

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