C-Nav3050 User Guide

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C-Nav3050 User Guide

PDOP, tracked satellite identity, satellite elevation and azimuth, C/No for tracked signals and correction age for each satellite.

EPHEM1B (Packed Ephemeris): Individual satellite tracking information including GPS Week number of collected ephemeris, GPS Time of week

[in seconds] of collected ephemeris, IODC, and sub-frame 1, 2, and 3 data. Packed ephemeris data for 32 GPS or 24 GLONASS satellites.

MEAS1B (Raw Measurement Data): Raw Measurement Data Block containing Raw measurements from satellites so measurements can be post-processed to achieve precise point positions, the GPS Week, GPS

Time of Week, Time Slew Indicator, Status, Channel Status, CA Pseudorange, L1 Phase, P1-CA Pseudo-range, P2-CA Pseudo-range, L2 Phase,

GPS L5, GLONASS G1 and G1 Code and Phase, and SBAS Code and

Phase. This data stream is repeated for each individual tracked satellite.

SFSTATUS1B (CCS Signal Status): Provides the status of C-Nav

Corrections Service (CCS) signals including signal status, signal strength,

CCS license status, and good and idle packet counts.

PSEUDORANGESTATSB (Pseudo-range Noise Statistics): Provides pseudo-range noise statistic information including orientation and standard deviations of latitude, longitude, altitude, semi-major axis of the error ellipse, and semi-minor of the error ellipse.

PVT1B (Position, Velocity, and Time): Provides GPS Week number,

GNSS satellites used, latitude, longitude, navigation mode, and DOP information.

NMEA Messages

The C-Nav3050 does not output NMEA messages by default. The user, via controller software, must enable NMEA messages. Refer to

Appendix D - NMEA

Data Output Messages (Page 112 ), for complete descriptions of the NMEA

output messages available from the C-Nav3050.

RTCM Messages

The C-Nav3050 does not output RTCM messages by default. The user, via controller software, must enable RTCM messages. The following RTCM messages are available for output from the C-Nav3050:

RTCM1 and RTCM9: Code GPS Corrections

RTCM3: Base Position

RTCM19 and RTCM21: GPS RTK Corrections

RTCM22: Base Position Extension (Requires RTCM3)

RTCM22: Extended Reference Station Parameters



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