C-Nav3050 User Guide

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C-Nav3050 User Guide

RTCM24: Base Position (Combined RTCM3 and RTCM22)

RTCM31 and RTCM34: Code GLONASS Corrections

RTCM1001: L1-Only GPS RTK Observables

RTCM1002: Extended L1-Only GPS RTK Observables

RTCM1003: L1 and L2 GPS RTK Observables

RTCM1004: Extended L1 and L2 GPS RTK Observables

RTCM1005: Stationary RTK Reference Station ARP

RTCM1006: Stationary RTK Reference Station ARP with Antenna Height

RTCM1007: Antenna Descriptor (Base Only)

RTCM1008: Antenna Descriptor and Serial Number (Base Only)

RTCM1009: L1-Only GLONASS RTK Observables

RTCM1010: Extended L1-Only GLONASS RTK Observables

RTCM1011: L1 and L2 GLONASS RTK Observables

RTCM1012: Extended L1 and L2 GLONASS RTK Observables

RTCM1019: GPS Ephemerides

RTCM1020: GLONASS Ephemerides

RTCM1033: Receiver and Antenna Descriptors

Base and Rover Navigation Setup


Nav’s C-Setup, C-Monitor, and C-NaviGator III CDU provide Base and Rover setup capabilities. Contact C-Nav Support for details.


The C-Nav3050 utilizes commands or groups of commands, known as Profiles, to set the various port assignments / parameters, navigation parameters, and output message lists. The C-Nav3050 provides for storage of up to twenty profiles.

To save the current configuration settings of the receiver for future use, the user creates and names a profile. A controller solution, such as C-Monitor, is used to activate a profile by its name.



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C-Nav3050 User Guide

Please note:

A new profile sent to the receiver replaces the currently used profile, but it does not necessarily replace all the current parameter settings. The new profile replaces only those parameter settings that it specifies.

For example:

The default navigation elevation mask is 7


The user changes the elevation mask to 12

 in a profile named “Test”. The user subsequently sends profile “RTK” to the receiver. It replaces “Test”, and changes navigation mode settings and port assignments.

But profile “RTK” does not specify a setting for the navigation elevation mask. So, the elevation mask remains at 12

, as previously set by the “Test” profile.



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