C-Nav3050 User Guide

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C-Nav3050 User Guide


Programmable output rates

Event marker input

1PPS output

Communication Ports: RS-232, RS-422, USB 2.0 (Device and Host),

Bluetooth, and Ethernet


C-Nav3050 performance is dependent on location, satellite geometry, atmospheric condition and GNSS correction.

Tracking Characteristics

The C-Nav3050 engine has 66 signal channels with the required flexibility to track all civilian GNSS and SBAS signals. The C-Nav3050 engine is also capable of tracking the code and carrier from all GNSS signals. L5 and G2 are not available simultaneously due to hardware resource sharing. Select a signal according to these environmental considerations:

Shade: G2 provides the best results, though positioning is less accurate in shade.

Open Sky: L5 provides the best positioning accuracy.

Tracking of newer navigation satellite signals (L2C and L5) is subject to:

The availability of the signals from newer satellites

The "health bit" set to "healthy"

The C-Nav3050 navigation software updated to a version compatible with the signals

Pull-In Times

C-Nav Single: 45 minutes, typical

C-Nav Dual: 45 minutes, typical



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