C-Nav3050 User Guide

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C-Nav3050 User Guide

CCS Over-The-Air C-Nav Licensing

CCS Over-The-Air (OTA) C-Nav licensing is the easiest way to install a C-Nav license. The installation of a purchased license is accomplished via radio broadcast. CCS Over-The-Air C-Nav licensing is especially convenient for receivers in remote locations in the field.

The requirements to obtain a C-Nav license are:

Valid Purchase Order

Signed License Agreement

Appropriate Credit Terms with C&C Technologies, Inc. or an Authorized

Dealer; including a valid P.O.

C-Nav recommends that customers process new C-Nav license requests through an authorized dealer or C-Nav Sales 15 to 30 days before the expiration of the current license.

The customer should do the following in order to properly receive the CCS Over-

The-Air broadcast of the C-Nav license:

1. Turn on the C-Nav3050 Receiver.

2. Ensure that the C-Nav3050 Antenna has clear access to the CCS tracking satellite.

3. Request the C-Nav license.

How to Obtain a C-Nav License

C-Nav corrections are based on a subscription service. The user pays a subscription fee, which licenses the use of the service for a predetermined period of time.

An authorized subscription will provide an encrypted code, which is specific to the Serial Number of the C-Nav receiver to be authorized. This is entered into the receiver Over-the-Air, or via the provided controller solution (C-Setup).

When contacting C-Nav regarding subscription or deactivation of service, please provide the following information:



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