eWebExtra OfficeMate Integration User`s Guide

eWebExtra OfficeMate Integration User`s Guide

Getting Support






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Eyefinity considers our Customer Care department the backbone of a successful, positive relationship between our company and you, our client. Our goal is to continually enhance the level of service provided by our Customer Care department. Eyefinity offers reasonable annual software maintenance agreement fees and, simultaneously, must establish and enforce our service guidelines in order to keep these fees equitable. This chapter outlines our service guidelines and policies.

Eyefinity offers toll-free customer care from 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time. Dial

877.448.0707 to reach our Customer Care team. Customer Care is closed on

Saturdays and Sundays, and the following major US holidays: Christmas Day,

Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day.

Your calls are answered live by our knowledgeable Customer Care team who will assist you with your support issues. Eyefinity’s service levels are equal to or better than the best service levels provided by any competitive help desk service in our industry today.

For more support information on the eWebExtra OfficeMate Integration, go to the

Eyefinity support web page at http://www.eyefinity.com

. You can e-mail your support questions to the Eyefinity Customer Care department at [email protected]

Eyefinity also maintains an extensive online knowledge base that is full of helpful articles and answers to frequently asked questions about the OfficeMate practice management solution. We highly encourage you to seek out answers to your questions and submit new questions using this knowledge base at http://www.officemate.net/omkb/ .


eWebExtra OfficeMate Integration User’s Guide


Chapter 4

Getting Support

Online Support


eWebExtra OfficeMate Integration User’s Guide

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