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In the interest of promoting the safest and most efficient use of the Model DH 30PC/DH 30PB Hammer Drill by all of our customers, it is very important that at the time of sale the salesperson carefully ensures that the buyer seriously recognizes the importance of the contents of the Handling Instructions, and fully understands the meaning of the precautions listed on the Caution Plate attached to each tool.

7-1. Handling Instructions

Although every effort is made in each step of design, manufacture and inspection to provide protection against safety hazards, the dangers inherent in the use of any electric tool cannot be completely eliminated. Accordingly, general precautions and suggestions for the use of electric power tools, and specific precautions and suggestions for the use of the Hammer Drill are listed in the Handling Instructions to enhance the safe, efficient use of the tool by the customer. Salespersons must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Handling Instructions to be able to offer appropriate guidance to the customer during sales promotion.

7-2. Caution Plate

The Model DH 30PC/DH 30PB unit is provided with a nameplate which lists basic safety precautions in its use.

Carefully ensure that the customer fully understands and follows these precautions before using the tool.

(1) For the U.S.A. and Canada

(2) For Australia, New Zealand, China and India

7-3. Grease Replacement

The striking portion and the speed reduction portion of the Model DH 30PC/DH 30PB respectively use different types of grease. Grease replacement is required if the unit is disassembled for maintenance or o-rings become damaged or worn as described in 7-4. The striking portion uses special grease. If the striking portion (inside the cylinder case and crank case) is disassembled, thoroughly remove all of the old grease from each part.

On reassembly, insert 30 g (1.1 oz) of new grease into the crank case (connecting rod side) and insert 10 g (0.4

oz) into the cylinder case (outside the cylinder). Do not exceed the designated amount of grease. Excessive grease insertion may cause reduced striking performance.

The speed reduction portion (inside the gear cover) uses Hitachi Motor Grease No. 29 (Code No. 930035). The proper supply volume is 30 g (1.1 oz). Never use the striking portion special grease in the speed reduction portion. Special grease would leak into the motor portion and cause subsequent trouble.

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